Our Food

Traditional way of cooking

Experience the journey of good food, tailored with complete exclusivity and craftsmanship.

We provide artisanal food, most importantly we retain existing traditional cuisines and restore the lost and undocumented ladakhi recipes. For this very reason, we have been traveling to remote areas of Ladakh for the past years and talking to the locals to document the lost recipes of ladakh.

Mountain herbs & Spices

The main flavor of our food comes from the delicate mountain herbs and spices and simple method of traditional cooking.

Collecting Herbs

Each of the herbs used at Namza dining, mature at different periods of the season and one has to know the right time to collect them.

High Nutrional Value

We keep a track of these time periods and go foraging for the herbs every season. Rest of them are sourced directly from the locals and from different areas of Ladakh. Despite being a cold desert with harsh climatic conditions, Ladakh provides an extensive and high nutritional value herbs and plants.

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